Tilman Frick is a digital designer currently based in Hamburg, Germany.

Working at Tomorrow, a sustainable Fintech – but available for selected freelance projects.

© Foto: Jan Brinkmann

By focussing on simplicity and considering the smallest details, I create what empowers us all in our lifes — emotions.

Co-Founder & Product Lead

Meet Alva

A radically new digital design tool built for cross-functional product teams. Alva lets you design interactive products based on the same components your engineers are using for production websites.

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Branding, Digital Design & Development

Einzimmer Küche Bar

Einzimmer Küche Bar is a minimalistic restaurant with focus on exceptional quality cuisine based in Nuremberg, Germany.

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Digital Design


elbdudler is a social media agency based in Hamburg that works on creative concepts and integrated communication strategies.

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Branding, Digital Design, Development


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