Tilman Frick is a digital designer 🎨 and music producer 🎷 currently based in Hamburg 🍔, Germany.
Working at Tomorrow, the first European company to combine mobile banking and sustainable finances. Available for selected freelance projects.
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By focussing on simplicity and considering the smallest details, I create what empowers us all in our lifes — emotions 🥹.
Lead Product Designer
Tomorrow is the first European company to combine mobile banking and sustainable finances. Since March 2019, the social business from Hamburg already has over 120,000 customers and currently is the best rated finance app in Germany.
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Co-Founder & Product Lead
Meet Alva
A radically new digital design tool built for cross-functional product teams. Alva lets you design interactive products based on the same components your engineers are using for production websites.
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Branding, Digital Design & Development
Einzimmer Küche Bar
Einzimmer Küche Bar is a minimalistic restaurant with focus on exceptional quality cuisine based in Nuremberg, Germany.
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Digital Design
elbdudler Website
elbdudler is a social media agency based in Hamburg that works on creative concepts and integrated communication strategies.
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